Bid Lanka Enterprises

Build Innovative Deployments.

Welcome to Bid Lanka Enterprises

Bid Lanka Enterprises is a system development company, deeply analyze about existing market and the people expectations and develop innovative solutions with the most suitable technology at the present, also do rapid deployments to get the best outcome.

We value uniqueness of the solution, always try our best to discover Un touched area with blue ocean concepts. As the outcome, we develop and deploy innovative solutions.


System Development Company (2017 to Present)

Most of our previous projects based on Cloud solutions with mobility & IOT. we develop systems with the most appropriate technologies at the present, always balance with cost and with the expected quality.


Research and Development With blue ocean strategy

Bid Lanka Enterprises use fact finding techniques to identify requirements and work directed towards to the innovation. It is basically come up with an introduction, and improvement of products with agile methodology and finally come up with the fully optimized processes with a valuable system.


(2015 Jan to 2016 Dec)

It is always not a straight forward implementation since we are not doing day today common repeative implementations. Our success completly depends on customer satisfaction, so we always monitor and go through customer feedbacks to continues improvement.

Bid Lanka Enterprises is a Sri Lankan government registered partnership business.
(Reg. No. WD16,470)

Our business based on innovative global solutions by our own. We are not based on a specific paid client specific development.

We carefully analize and select the most suitable technologies which enables to build hi quality solution under low cost with in resonable time.